Hey, my name is Polina Khanteeva

I am Your photographer.

I woke up to the realization that photography could be more than just a hobby nearly a decade ago, sparked by the right question at the right time. Balancing a full-time job at a travel agency, I began exploring and learning. Along this journey, I crossed paths with a special person, triggering a profound exploration into my authentic self.

Once, throwing a wish into the Universe, I asked for a clone of my loved one—one to travel and work, and another to always be with me. And that's how Dom came into our lives, an incredible soul that continues to amaze me every single day.

I started slowly, photographing my first major wedding in the summer of 2017. Fast forward to the present, and I've captured 81 weddings, over 120 family sessions, numerous individual and couple photoshoots, and embarked on 20+ brand photoshoots.

In the beginning of 2024, a sudden inspiration struck me: dancing event photography, seamlessly blending my two greatest passions. I couldn't be happier.

I trust life, cherish connections. I am open, always speaking my truth and keeping my word. I'm a cozy person at heart, and I'm pretty sure being a cat in a past life is part of my existence. I love to play, get silly at times. I dance like I mean it. I work like I mean it.

Count on me—I'll be there.



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My values

intimate boudoir photo session
intimate boudoir photosession
love story photo session, couple photo session, pariskuntakuvaus
My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.
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Together, we'll create magic.
I'm eager to meet you on this beautiful journey.

My Work Style

I'm in love with what I do; I feel the moment, get overexcited, and radiate that energy. I connect, listen, and hear. I want to know about YOU—your small moments, big moments, your story. I give you my healing energy, reflecting yours.

Life, to me, is a journey, a movement. As a dancer, movement holds profound significance. I encourage you to move, feel your body, be present in the now. I'll assist you on that journey.

With my magic camera (no joke, it captures what the human eye can't), we'll immortalize your genuine smile—revealing its beauty. Never hide it again. We'll capture the hidden mystery in your sparkling eyes, communicating without words, connecting without touch.

What I do

Featured in magazines


June 2023


JUNE (Vol 455)

L'attirance magazine, march 2024

the hunter

march 2024

Swanky Mag Men's edition

March 2024

How would you feel if you saw your pictures on the cover of a glossy magazine?

I can tell you from personal experience:

It's an incredible feeling! So, are you next?!



“Siis VAU!!!

Aivan upeita kuvia! Olemme ihan häkeltyneitä, näistä tuli vielä paljon parempia kuin osasimme edes kuvitellakaan. Olet todella taitava!!

Kiitos paljon!”

FAQ About Me

How long have you been doing photography?

I woke up to photography about 9 years ago, thanks to the right question at the right time.
I have been doing it for real - for about 6 years. It started slow. It's not easy to build something big and new when you have a baby. But now I'm a full-time photographer and I do what I really love!

Has your style changed with time?

Oh yes! We all start with the basics, learning techniques, searching for that special something. That greater why and what.

I started with trial and error, dozens of classes, shooting friends. Getting my first gigs and stressing about them a month in advance :D

Now, with time and experience, I know what and who I love to shoot, how, why. I want to connect as deeply as possible. Clients say it's therapeutic. And it damn well is!

My editing style has also changed a lot.

In the beginning I was afraid to breathe just to get the image in focus. I cried my eyes out trying to understand the editing process and find the result I'd be happy with.

These days I run with my camera, and you will most likely be running with me! I like it moody. I like it smooth. I like the grainy cinematic look. I found you and you found me.

Are we the perfect match?

What kind of gear do you use?

I have two Sony A7iii camera bodies and various lenses: Sony 35mm f1.4, Sony 85mm f 1.8, Sony 55mm f1.8 and Tamron 24-75mm f2.8.

What languages do you speak?

I'm a native Russian speaker. I've been living in Finland for over 20 years, so Finnish is now my second language. I am fluent in English and use it on a daily basis. A little bit of Spanish comes from university studies and dance music.

Do you have any other professions?

Yes! I finished my master's 2013. The University of Helsinki, Russian philology.
I also have a degree and long working experience in tourism.

What are your hobbies?

Dancing! You have already noticed my love for bachata if you follow me on Instagram. It's not a hobby. It's a lifestyle. It's my way to unwind, relax, reload, recharge... You name it. I love to dance. It's a big part of me.

Are you spiritual?

You won't find me in circles or ceremonies, as much as I respect the diversity of spiritual work. That's not for me. However, I am working with myself all the time. I am going deeper into myself, and of course this goes hand in hand with everything that is related to my work and life in general.

In Love with what I do

This feeling of being in a moment, being alive - i'm there.


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